Dentaltown is very excited to have REALscore.com as a Townie Perks partner. Demographics is so huge when deciding on a practice location – dentists should absolutely take advantage of this service when planning out a new location or deciding to expand into a new area.

Howard Farran

Howard Farran, DDS, MBADentaltown / Farran Media

Burkhart is excited to have entered into a referral relationship with REALscore. Burkhart’s approach since 1888 has been one focused on integrity, knowledge, and client success. We feel confident that the information that REALscore can provide our clients with regard to location demographics and growth potential will arm doctors with the knowledge they need to enhance their business success and growth.

Margaret Boyce-Cooley

Margaret Boyce-Cooley, Director of Practice Support TeamBurkhart Dental

I used REALscore, and they helped me put together demographics of the area and locate where the other dentists are.   Because of that, I was able to narrow my search, look for a couple spots and finally choose the best spot for me.  

Customer service is a priority for REALscore.  Any time I had a question, the REALscore team was always there to help.

I had no idea where to build, where to go, and I called REALscore and was able to find my location…a location I had no idea even existed.   We’ve increased our collections 56% this past year,

I am glad I started using REALscore to help evaluate practices and choose the best locations in the communities we serve. You can’t judge a practice location just on a drive-by. You have to take a deeper look at the real business issues.

George Radigan

Director of DevelopmentRefresh Dental

As a healthcare real estate specialist, REALscore has been a real find.  Competitive practice information combined with searchable demographics that I can define has really stepped up my game in representing dentists.  

REALscore has allowed me to expand services offered by Corporate Real Estate Solutions from a local to a regional and national basis that was previously only available locally. 

It was a great experience for us.  They did all the work, and we got exactly what we wanted out of it.   In two years, we’ve averaged 95 new patients a month and we’re up to about 3,000 patients.