REALscore and Dentaltown Announce Partnership!

//REALscore and Dentaltown Announce Partnership!


REALscore, LLC has REAL-ly big news. We’ve joined forces with Dentaltown’s “Townie Perks” program to give dental professionals top-notch services and deep discounts for our demographic, competition and other location and office strategic planning reports.Together, we’re making sure being a Townie has its perks! Townies receive 20% off REALscore Reports and Consulting Services.

Not a Townie? Join the largest and most active dental community for free at For the past 15 years, Dentaltown has provided the most comprehensive and progressive resource for dental professionals worldwide with its online community and free monthly magazine. Watch the latest CE, read articles on topics relevant to your
day-to-day practice and join conversations about all things dental.

REALscore combines world-class technology, mapping and data to provide cutting-edge reports and consulting services to dentists and dental advisors. These resources assist in making crucial location, office and strategic business decisions.


“Dentaltown is very excited to have as a Townie Perks partner. Demographics is so huge when deciding on a practice location – dentists should absolutely take advantage of this service when planning out a new location or deciding to expand into a new area. You won’t be sorry you did the research first.” – Howard Farran, DDS, MBA“Location is the #1 key to every practice’s financial success,” says David James, CPA, and President & CEO of REALscore. “We are thrilled to partner with Dentaltown to provide education, data and technology to Townies that greatly simplifies complex, risky and crucial Location & Office strategy decisions while saving practices time and money”.

To learn more about REALscore’s “Comprehensive Demographic Report,” “Demographic & Practitioner to Population Report” and other Reports and Services, click here!


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