Overcoming the Entrepreneurial Conundrum

//Overcoming the Entrepreneurial Conundrum

We’re excited to share that David James, CEO of REALscore, contributed an article published in the June 2015 edition of Dentaltown Magazine entitled “Overcoming the Entrepreneurial Conundrum”.

Here’s a selection from the article:

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 by David James, CPA

In my experience, there’s nothing like working to build your own company.  Every practitioner I talk to has vision and expects hard work ahead, but most of them fail to realize that they face the same business issues and decisions as large, established companies.   There may be fewer zeroes in the numbers, but the items that must be addressed, mastered and put into practice are identical.   It’s vital to get them all right immediately, with a minimum of mistakes, in order to minimize risk and not waste precious capital, time, growth and opportunity.

How do you do so while handling all of the clinical work, managing the staff, raising a family and having a life?

Want to learn more?  Click here to read the full article:
“Overcoming the Entrepreneurial Conundrum”

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